41775-6 Dalmatian Puppycorn

Photo 11-8-18, 12 34 06 pm

I’m not sure why I bought this. It clearly says it’s for ages 5-12 on the polybag and my mental age is at least fourteen. It’s one of the Unikitty Series One collectable blind polybags. I wasn’t aware there even was such a thing as Puppycorn – having only seen Unikitty in The Lego Movie, but there must be a cartoon series or at least a theme with a backstory since it says on the LEGO website: Continue reading


10246 Detective’s Office

boxThis is the first modular building, and the largest set (2261 parts), I’ve ever put together. It was a complete joy – both in the novel and imaginative parts use, and in the unfolding story as the set came together.

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75886 Ferrari 488 GT3


Christina Nielse

As part of my tour of some of the LEGO themes, I’ve just built the Ferrari 488 GT3 from “Speed Champions”.

The Speed Champions theme was launched in 2015 and sets in the line reproduce real racing cars from a variety of motor sports at minifig scale. The sets come in boxes with a black background (a little like the Architecture theme) that sets them apart on the shop shelves, suggesting they are a bit classier or aimed at a slightly older audience. This box was marked with a holographic sticker, identifying it as an official Ferrari product.

IMG_2060This incarnation of the 488 GT was driven by Alessandro Balzan and Christina Nielsen. Although none of the LEGO marketing mentions Christina, it’s probably not a coincidence that the set includes a blonde female driver wearing her racing livery.

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71214 LEGO Movie Classic Space Man


LEGO Dimensions is a “toys-to-life” video game wherein you build some LEGO and play in-game with those characters. Although, by most accounts, it was a solid game, with some of the trademark LEGO sense of fun, it was discontinued in 2017.

Although sad, this means that a lot of the existing add on packs are available at clearance prices. Many of them contain desirable mini-figs from licensed IP. In this case it’s LEGO’s own – the LEGO Movie Classic Space Man.

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WeDo 2.0 First Impressions


TLG currently have three different robotics lines currently available. The well known Mindstorms, WeDo 2.0, and Boost.

WeDo (currently in version 2.0) is aimed directly at the educational market, in particular tapping into the ongoing hype about STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths).  I’m amazed how simple it was to get set up and use to its full potential! Continue reading