41775-6 Dalmatian Puppycorn

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I’m not sure why I bought this. It clearly says it’s for ages 5-12 on the polybag and my mental age is at least fourteen. It’s one of the Unikitty Series One collectable blind polybags. I wasn’t aware there even was such a thing as Puppycorn – having only seen Unikitty in The Lego Movie, but there must be a cartoon series or at least a theme with a backstory since it says on the LEGO website: Continue reading


Rocket Boy

I love Lego, but I’m not a collector. Lego is for building, and pulling apart, and building something else. My builds don’t sit on shelves gathering dust (for more than about a week or so). I know many people get enjoyment from buying Lego and putting it in the cupboard unopened – that is so not me.

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