5867 Super Speedster

I’ve been Bricklinking the last few parts for this great Creator set for a while. It’s a ten stud wide sports car and is the sort of thing I like to build currently. However, the reason I fancied acquiring the parts for this particular set is because of the large number of alternates.  Sizeable Creator sets (this is 278 pieces) often have a good crop of alternate MOCs but this one was also the subject of a book “The LEGO® Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles“.

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There’s such a thing as “Lego Serious Play” where a trained Lego facilitator runs a meeting for your corporation, and one of the things they often get participants to take part in is an exercise designed to enhance creativity in which they build as many different ducks as they can from six Lego pieces. Continue reading