10246 Detective’s Office

boxThis is the first modular building, and the largest set (2261 parts), I’ve ever put together. It was a complete joy – both in the novel and imaginative parts use, and in the unfolding story as the set came together.

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31064 Seaplane Adventures


Who wouldn’t want to explore a tropical paradise with a diamond-in-the-rough seaplane pilot? I picked up this Creator set as a last-day-of-holidays treat, and I’m loving it. It’s one of the most satisfying builds since the 60117 Van & Caravan.

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The Value of Constraints

I’ve just been building the B models from 6742 Mini Off-Roader. I’m increasingly interested in the Creator Theme and micro building in general. The idea of capturing the essence of an object in a model constrained by Lego engineering fascinates me. The opposite: those huge LegoLand type models hardly interest me at all – they seem like pixelated versions of the real things with little creativity required.

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