Alternate MOCs

When you are looking at larger sets, is common to be able to find alternate builds created by fans – MOCs (My Own Creation). It’s always interesting to see how others have addressed the design challenge of creating a new model from a limited set of parts. I received 60183 “Heavy Cargo Transport” as a gift, and at 310 parts it’s a likely candidate for having a couple of good MOC’s.

Photo 27-12-18, 8 31 56 am

60183 is an enjoyable enough build and is quite playable. With so many wheels, it’s going to lend itself to vehicle MOCs.

The first one I turned up on Rebrickable was from “Keep On Bricking” and is a slicker looking big rig pulling a float that’s not quite in minifig scale.

Photo 27-12-18, 10 18 37 am

Some MOC creators provide instructions as PDF’s similar to the official LEGO instructions, others provide the LDX files (Lego CAD files). Keep On Bricking provides his as videos captured from inside the a CAD tool (I assume LEGO Digital Designer).




5867 Amazing Vehicles #1 Off Roader


I’ve embarked on a project to build a number of the alternates to 5867 “Super Speedster”. I’m starting with the models from a 2013 book called “The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles“. This contains the instructions for a ten different vehicles that can be built from the same parts as the Super Speedster set.

No Starch Press publish a number of nerd orientated books (programming, manga, Lego etc) in addition to this great book by Nathanaƫl Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni.

The first model is the “Off-Roader” which has some design echoes of the classic Jeep.


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Sheepo’s Land Rover

51r52rbqzzl-_sx476_bo1204203200_I’ve been reading the excellent “Practical Lego Technics” by Mark Rollins trying to bone up on some of the basics. If you are a ‘first principles of…” sort of person (I am) it has some good basic introductory material. If you like a more practical approach, that’s okay as he very quickly moves to illustrating the concepts in the process of designing a MOC from scratch.

Not very far into the book, during a discussion about remote controlling your creations, there is a small photo of a remarkably good looking Land Rover Defender MOC designed by Sheepo.


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