30338 Fire Car

It was fun to branch out and cover a different theme last week, so when I was looking at the polybags in Woolworths this morning, my initial disappointment at only seeing Juniors theme bags gave way to the desire to grab this one to have a look – Fire Car.


As the name suggests, the Juniors theme are intended to be simple builds for little people, but not so little they choke to death on the pieces (that’s the Duplo target market). Although this was a straightforward build, it was only “dumbed down” in the sense that the vehicle chassis, and the rear and front mud guards were POOP. At 32 parts plus two spares the parts count was higher than I was expecting for a $5 set.

It’s a pretty average looking car – the arrangement for the roll bar and beacon is a bit uninspired. As far as parts go, it was nice to have the 2×2 tile with the printed fire logo. The fireman torso looked familiar and I was expecting that I already owned it but it’s a newish print that started appearing in 2014 in the City fire sets. I’m not a fan of the tree, but these actually have a good secondary market value for some reason – probably in demand from people building cities in their basements. Lego City urban planning is light on for open green space, the council at Heartlake city does a much better job of this.

On the other hand, it’s often been noted that Lego City is super well catered for the the emergency services area, with many many fire and police sets and vehicles over the years. A car with a fireman is a common set although usually its a fire captain, and I already own a “Fire ATV” along the same lines.

DSCN0742_Fotor_FotorThe set comes with folded instructions which, as mentioned, were no problem to follow. The spares are a 4599 tap (used as the extinguisher handle) and a 4624 wheel hub. The wheel hub seems like an odd inclusion. It doesn’t attach to studs or anti-studs so it’s not useful for rebuilding the set, and its very unlikely to ever get lost without also losing the tyre it’s pressed into. I would have much rather had a trans-red 1×2 plate to use as a back facing beacon.

This set is surprising good value for a small one at 15c per part, and including a generic City minifig. The completed model has some playability, but these very small sets don;t have much scope for freebuilding in the unlikely situation of it being the only set you own.


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