42063 BMW GS1200 Adventure Bike

DSCN0620This is a current (2017) Technic set based on the BMW GS1200 motorcycle. realMotorbikes are an interesting design challenge because of the amount of stuff that needs to be packed into a small space. When translated into a Lego design the same thing applies. That makes this a great set if you are interested in building your collection of Technic connectors!


As usual, the designers have picked out some key distinct features of the original object. They’ve done a nice job of the muscular stance of the bike, as well as the panniers, the stupidly wide boxer motor, and the headlight. I think it does look a bit skeletal towards the middle, and the seat in the Lego version looks decidedly uncomfortable. I do like the novel “inside out” mounting of the grey panels representing the side of the fuel tank where the riders legs nestle.

The mechanisms are pretty true to the original. back and front mono suspensions, with the front as cantilever. Shaft drive (a lot easier to model than a chain at this scale) which turns (the usual Technic cylinder head-less) motor, steering and opening panniers.

I normally avoid stickers, all my sets are parted out for reuse, but I couldn’t resist adding them to this one as it’s the first Technic set I’ve bought new. It’s also the first set I’ve purchased new that was missing a part. It didn’t phase me as it was a common connector that I had in stock, but it would have been an annoying situation for a new builder. I’ve noticed a few comments from other builders over the last six months about missing parts, and just assumed they weren’t as careful as me, but perhaps it is just one of those things.

axleconnectorA part I hadn’t seen before was this  “Technic Axle Connector 2 x 3 Quadruple”. It seemed odd that it was in Pearl Dark Grey rather than Dark Bluish Grey, until I looked it up and see that it’s only ever been produced in that colour since it’s début as a Bionical/Hero Factory part in 2013.



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