8264 Hauler

I’ve reached the comfortable stage in my parts collection where I usually seem to have the parts I need if I’m free building. This confidence recently enabled me to pick up this “most pieces are included” Technic articulated mine hauler.


I could see from the eBay images that all the panels, wheels, power functions and the actuator were present.  At $90 it was less than half the going rate for a second hand complete set, and represented a $0.15 per part price which is great value for a Technic set containing those large pricey parts. I see a BNIB set advertised for over $600.

The set was released in 2009 when those panels were new pieces, and is part of a large and growing range of Technic sets around mining and construction – Technic collectors generally own a lot of yellow beams.

The build was a straightforward stud-less Technic build. The articulated steering around the large turntable eliminates a lot of complexity. Overall it’s a pretty simple model – one of the criticisms at the time. The medium motor drives an actuator to raise and lower the trailer bed. One of most interesting parts of the build for me was the method used to curve the bumper around the front of the cab.



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