5867 Amazing Vehicles #1 Off Roader


I’ve embarked on a project to build a number of the alternates to 5867 “Super Speedster”. I’m starting with the models from a 2013 book called “The LEGO Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles“. This contains the instructions for a ten different vehicles that can be built from the same parts as the Super Speedster set.

No Starch Press publish a number of nerd orientated books (programming, manga, Lego etc) in addition to this great book by Nathanaël Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni.

The first model is the “Off-Roader” which has some design echoes of the classic Jeep.


The Off-Roader has some nice touches. The grill is nicely done, and the exposed suspension is a particular highlight.

Of most interest to me was the build design compared to official Lego builds. Kuipers and Zamboni are professional designers and Kuipers worked at Lego as a designer, so you’d be expecting a solid design, and one that probably follows the Lego design rules. This is not the case. Although the Off Roader looks fantastic, at a few times during the build I thought “Huh, that doesn’t seem quite right”.

A few of these worth mentioning are:

  • The jumper used to attached the steering wheel is only attached to a single stud
  • The 2×2 plate as part of the each seat back is only attached to a single stud
  • There’s no reinforcing for the wheel mount bricks

The last of these is the most egregious as it directly affects playability – the wheels fall off as soon as any downward pressure is placed on the model. This is definitely something you’d never see in an official Lego model design. In all of these cases, there is no solution that I could figure out with the remaining pieces that doesn’t impact the aesthetics to some extent.

To solve the wheels falling off, I added a single 1×6 plate between each pair of wheels. Although well short of what (I imagine) a Lego design review would accept, it solved the problem.


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