5867 Super Speedster

I’ve been Bricklinking the last few parts for this great Creator set for a while. It’s a ten stud wide sports car and is the sort of thing I like to build currently. However, the reason I fancied acquiring the parts for this particular set is because of the large number of alternates.  Sizeable Creator sets (this is 278 pieces) often have a good crop of alternate MOCs but this one was also the subject of a book “The LEGO® Build-It Book, Vol. 1: Amazing Vehicles“.

This book, from the wonderful No Starch Press, has instructions for ten excellent alternates – volume two contains another ten.

LEGO-Amazing-Vehicles-Book-ReviewIn addition to that I count over 20 MOCs on Rebrickable, most of them by only a couple of contributors. Many enthusiasts enjoy the challenge of creating good C models from sets. I think this is great for extracting extra value from the small collections that kids usually start with. Hopefully I’ll get on and build some of these 5867 alternates soon.


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