There’s such a thing as “Lego Serious Play” where a trained Lego facilitator runs a meeting for your corporation, and one of the things they often get participants to take part in is an exercise designed to enhance creativity in which they build as many different ducks as they can from six Lego pieces.

There is some scientific validity to this – there has been some research findings showing short term boosts to creativity created by forcing participants to play – especially if it’s hands on, and especially if it causes them to laugh. I’ve got a meeting coming up with some colleagues where I run a session where we dig into a challenging problem. I’m planning to start it off by  running through a shortened version of this exercise, so I’ve been collecting enough new yellow bricks from BrickLink to provide the pieces. There is actually an official polybag for it but the bricks are pretty common so it was cheaper to put them together that way.

I couldn’t resist having a little go, so here is the classic duck made from six pieces -not including eggs!



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