The Value of Constraints

I’ve just been building the B models from 6742 Mini Off-Roader. I’m increasingly interested in the Creator Theme and micro building in general. The idea of capturing the essence of an object in a model constrained by Lego engineering fascinates me. The opposite: those huge LegoLand type models hardly interest me at all – they seem like pixelated versions of the real things with little creativity required.

When you build Lego models, and this is especially true of the Creator theme,  you get a small glimpse into the work of a Lego designer. This is especially the case for the B models where the brief is to create an interesting model from most of the existing pieces.

Working in tight constraints in any field has been seen as a way of driving fresh and  creative solutions to problems; an obvious example being poetry, or more contemporarily, twiction.

I’ve been watching amateur designer Per Bonde on Rebrickable (a web site that helps you find other models to build from your existing parts). Per is a prolific creator and tends to produce a large number of C model MOCs from a set. Currently he’s working on 31043 Chopper transporter and has produced over 20 great MOC’s from it.


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