6 Legged Walker Frame

IMG_7444 copy

8293 Power FunctionsI was lucky enough to receive the 8293 Power Functions as a gift from my family for a recent birthday. I haven’t had time to put it to work as I had a backlog of second hand Lego to wash, sort and catalogue. I finally got up to date with that today, and I thought a good first build to motorise would be Jason Allemann’s Six Legged Walker Frame MOC.

Jason is quite famous in the Lego world and generously shares his work. This is a much simpler MOC than his usual fare. He even has had a set he designed currently being sold by Lego. Check him out at JK Brickworks if you are interested.

The Walker seems fine on this slippery bench top. On the carpet it tends to  roll its ankles. It could be improved with some limitation on how far the feet could pivot around the ankle. Jason actually used it to build up a model of the Star Wars AT-TE and it looks like he has quite a few more bricks on the feet. Just the extra weight would probably help. When I run mine on the carpet it us usually the toe that is catching so making the back of the foot a touch heavier might work too.


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