Sheepo’s Land Rover

51r52rbqzzl-_sx476_bo1204203200_I’ve been reading the excellent “Practical Lego Technics” by Mark Rollins trying to bone up on some of the basics. If you are a ‘first principles of…” sort of person (I am) it has some good basic introductory material. If you like a more practical approach, that’s okay as he very quickly moves to illustrating the concepts in the process of designing a MOC from scratch.

Not very far into the book, during a discussion about remote controlling your creations, there is a small photo of a remarkably good looking Land Rover Defender MOC designed by Sheepo.


He’s done an amazing job. The Defender is a good vehicle to model – it definitely has a boxy ‘form follows function look’ once described by one of my friends of having the look of being designed by ‘a 1970’s agricultural equipment company’.  Even so, the job Sheepo has done on the cosmetics is pretty fantastic, it’s instantly recognisable.

If it ended there that would be fine, but in the Technic tradition it is a working model including:

  • five speed sequential gear box
  • working disk brakes
  • transfer case with high and low ranges
  • selectable 4×4 / 4×2
  • live axles with long travel suspension

Have a look at it on his site. It’s the best Technic MOC I’ve seen.





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