Bulk fun

I’ve been looking out on eBay for a nice collection of bulk Technic. The going rate seems to be about $70 / kilo. I spotted a ‘buy now’ the other night that looked like at least half Technic and snapped it up for $40.

First job is to have a sort through and see what’s there.

Random Lego spread out on a table

There is a good amount of Technic, although clearly some of it is Bionicle bits – those huge ball joints they have.

I was interested to see if I had scored a whole set of anything, so I got to work on Rebrickable to check what sets the distinctive parts came from. My technique for this is to search for the part, then have a look at each of the sets it appears in to see if there are any other matching parts.

Spinjitzu DojoI started with the Asian hat. The tan version only appears in eight sets. In this case I’m pretty sure this one’s from 2504-1: Spinjitzu Dojo. This set belongs to the Ninjago theme. The panels and wooden door give it away. I clearly don’t have the whole set, but it explains some of the odd things in this collection such as the shackles.

I didn’t have any luck with the helicopter blades. Of the very many two blade sets, none of the other parts seemed to match.

70163All of the fluro green transparent plastic canopies seemed like they’d be easy to track down, but I had trouble finding the correct parts. I had better luck with the yellow cylinder halves however. They and the green plastic  all come from 70163-1: Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown which is part of Lego’s “Ultra Agents” theme. There is a lot of these parts – possibly even the whole set minus the mini-figures. I’ll download the instructions and have a go at building it. It’s a $50 set new, but without the mini-figs and instructions I doubt it’s worth more than the parts cost.

42022-1The pale blue parts in the table photo turned out to be from 42022-1: Hot Rod. This also explains the cylinder heads and pistons in the collection. I don’t appear to have much of this, but I seem to have most of the engine. It’d be cool to build that up and have a look at it.

So, a pretty successful purchase all in all. I’m pleased at the mixture of basic Technic parts – pins, beams joiners etc. As someone new to Lego with no junk box I’ve had to be inspired by the pieces in front of me rather than being able to follow through on an idea.

I briefly considered selling the bits out of this I don’t need on  BrickLink, which I only discovered this morning, but really it’s too much work for a couple of dollars – easier just to donate it to the local Lego Club.


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